Soup of the Day
A daily creation from our chef 26

Bajan Chicken Soup
Root morsels, whole wheat and
corn meal mini dumplings 26

Classic Bajan Fishcakes
Cod fish, herbs, spices, tamarind sauce 26

Panko Crusted Coconut Shrimp
Mango with pineapple salsa, garlic chili aioli 36

Spicy Vegan Lentil & Quinoa Cakes
Split pea hummus, pita bread, field greens 38

Seafood Bay
House smoked fish pate,
marinated shrimp ceviche, island chips 40


All salad options
are available with an additional choice of
Chicken 16 | Blackened Fish 18 | Shrimp 20

Classic Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce, bacon bits, garlic croutons,
Egg, Caesar dressings, parmesan shavings 36

Smoked Salmon Salad
Smoke salmon, citrus wedges, shaved red onions,
Baby greens with arugula, fried capers, herb croutons,
Strawberry and dill vinaigrette 48

Tuna Niçoise
Garden greens, egg, green beans, grilled potato,
Olives, anchovies, Dijon mustard vinaigrette 50

L‘Azure Cobb Salad
Hydroponic greens, smoked chicken breast,
Bacon, egg, tomato wedges, avocado,
Garbanzo beans, crumbled blue cheese,
Mango lemon vinaigrette 42

Chopped Greek Salad
Handpicked lettuce leaves, bell peppers,
Tomatoes, cucumbers, marinated olives,
Feta cheese, herb and lemon vinaigrette  33

Burgers & Sandwiches

All options served with a choice of Soup of The Day, Garden Salad, Caesar Salad or French Fries
(Gluten free bread and wraps available)

Beef Burger 
6 oz. beef burger with tomato relish,
Traditional garnishes 40

Burger Add Ons:
4 each
– Sautéed Onions
4 each – Cheddar | Swiss | Mushrooms | Fried Egg
6 each – Bacon

Lamb Burger
6 oz. lamb burger, herbed aioli,
Spicy feta cheese, carmelized onion jam 42

Vegetarian Burger
Plant based burger, red pepper hummus,
Sautéed mushrooms and onions 44

Shrimp Taco
Tamarind glazed shrimp, shredded greens,
Mojo salsa, spicy aioli 50

Bajan Fish Cutter
Panko crusted pan-fried flying fish,
Green onion tartar, plantain chutney 46

Beef Panini
Slow roasted beef, horseradish pesto,
Sweet onions, mozzarella cheese 44 

Classic Chicken Club Sandwich
Chicken breast, bacon, sharp cheddar,
Lettuce, tomato, garlic mayo 42


Catch of the Day or Flying Fish
Blackened, grilled, pan-fried or steamed
Served with your choice of two sides 55

Chicken Breast
Mojito fire grilled chicken breast,
Ground provision mash, market vegetables,
Apple relish 48

Striploin Steak
8 oz. broiled beef striploin, spicy parmesan,
Herb frites, garden slaw 74

Seafood Cioppino
Fennel tomato bisque, morsels of seafood,
Linguine pasta, parmesan cheese, garlic bread 62

Vegan Cavatappi Pasta
Basil crusted cavatappi pasta, pumpkin alfredo,
Grilled vegetables, wilted spinach 44


Macaroni Pie 14
French Fries 12
Truffle Parmesan Cajan Fries 18
Rice & Peas 14

Sweet Potato Fries 14
Fried Plantain 14
Market Vegetables 14
Garden Salad 14

Prices are in BDS dollars, inclusive of VAT, DTS and subject to 10% service charge.

Currency Conversion: USD$1 = BBD$2